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63 days in 7 minutes or Holiday 2014 with Mafia Lubelskie

“Keep it, humble summary of holiday… It almost not supposed to be but after finding some time for editing it it couldn’t be added to YouTube.

After many troubles there it is… I propose not to take it seriously, it has trailers of films which are going to be on channel,it should be just a taste (memory) of holiday.New films coming soon, from Sitno there’s gonna be separate one but I don’t know yet… Greetings to all we recorded at and who allows us and also to boys from Sitno… Appreciate our contribution in that film…”

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Saturday Labour Day in Mafia Lubelskie

“Hello! Welcome to our new film, it’s rather better edited (we’re much more in Vegas).It was recorded by my camera (Patrk225) and I think it fit for its purpose because quality is better and it’s going to be a bit more better.But in the future, we hope you like the film.. All was recorded without a tripod… Thank you very much and greetings go to guys from Stefankowice who allowed us to record and for nice atmosphere. Maybe there’s gonna be more films… Also kind thanks to Patryk.”

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Wheat Harvest 2014

“Welcome to Wheat Harvest 2014 film with a bit bigger equipement. We’re sorry that it’s late in the evening and not in the morning but it’s hard to find music right now. Of course greetings and thanks go to Rodziewicz family and the whole crew. Crop about 7-9t/ha, if you have some questions please ask in comments and we try to answer. Crop was transported also by one set of DeutzFahr M640 but there was not too much time and we couldn’t get it.. And this film is second to last from this year harvest on our channel, there’s gonna be one more from IUNGU Werbkowice.”

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Christmas 2014

“This film shows bustling about christmas and a final of this special day that is Christmas Eve.”

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